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    Check Off Your Chore List with Help from Maytag Appliances

    by Ronald Elias

    You come home from work Friday night, get ready to kick back and relax after a long week, when BAM, it hits you: that chore list you’ve been putting off since last weekend, just waiting for its moment to strike. Ugh. Sound familiar?

    Well, getting your chores done doesn’t have to mean losing a weekend, or even an evening! With the help of Maytag appliances, you can check off that chore list and still have time for your evening binge-watches and weekend afternoons out.

    Maytag appliances have tons of features that make housework easy, all from a brand you know you can depend on. So, let’s dive into the world of Maytag appliances, and learn how they can help you conquer your chores and give you back your “you” time.


    Lighten the Load

    With a Maytag washer and dryer, laundry has never been easier! Options like the Optimal Dose Dispenser – which lets you pre-load up to 12 loads worth of detergent – make starting your laundry as easy as pressing a button. Your Maytag then measures out the perfect amount for each load, so you never have to worry about wasting detergent or over-soaping your clothes.

    The overnight wash and dry cycle also means that even if you’re short on time, you can still get your laundry clean and fresh, all while catching up on some much-needed rest. The Fresh Hold function even keeps clothes smelling and feeling fresh for up to 12 hours after a cycle is over! So, close your eyes, get comfy, and enjoy the feeling of your chores doing themselves.


    Dinner Done Right

    Everyone loves dinner, but making it can be a real challenge sometimes. Whether your oven isn’t quite big enough to fit food for a family of five, or your stovetop burners just aren’t cooperating, your appliances can feel more like enemies than conveniences during dinnertime.

    Enter Maytag. With gas, electric, and induction-powered stovetops, you’re sure to find the range or cooktop that suits you best. Maytag even offers power burners and oval-shaped burners for oversized pots and pans, giving you all the range, power, and flexibility of the cooking pros. You’ll be able to cook meals quickly and easily, and with Maytag’s sleek, streamlined designs, you won’t have to sacrifice style to do it!

    Plus, single, double, and microwave combination wall ovens give you lots of options for baking, broiling, searing, and more! It may not make you Bobby Flay, but with Maytag, you can get dinner done your way, without breaking a sweat.


    Don’t Play the Grocery Game

    These days, it seems like everyone in the household needs a different menu. Your teen doesn’t eat meat, your tween is lactose intolerant, your little one can’t have gluten, and your spouse is deep into Paleo ... that adds up to a lot of groceries!

    Luckily, Maytag carries top freezer, bottom freezer, side-by-side, and French door models, so you can customize your storage space to your family’s needs. Maytag fridges offer gallon-sized door racks that leave plenty of shelf space for all your food, and lots of options for keeping that food its freshest!

    Temperature controlled deli drawers keep meats and cheeses at peak deliciousness, PowerCold technology chills all your food to optimum temperatures as soon as you shut the door, and humidity controlled crisper drawers with Freshflow Produce Preserver help lock in the flavor of your favorite fruits and veggies. Even the pickiest eaters won’t be able to resist!


    Dishwasher Dreaming

    Let’s face it, no one likes doing the dishes. You’ve just enjoyed an amazing meal with the family (cooked with your Maytag oven or stovetop, of course), but all too soon, you have to come back to reality and tackle that pile of plates growing in the sink.

    With the help of a Maytag dishwasher, you can check that chore off your list in no time. Tiered, adjustable, and third-level rack options make sure you have plenty of space to fit absolutely everything you need into your dishwasher the first time around. No more handwashing those weird serving plates and salad tongs!

    In addition to lots of storage space, Maytag dishwashers also have powerful cleaning abilities, to get all your dishes done right. Steam sanitize, a 4-blade food chopper, and PowerBlast high-powered spray jets are just a few of the tools a Maytag dishwasher has at its disposal to eliminate germs and leave your dishes sparkling clean!

    PowerDry cycles also get your dishes done faster, so you have plenty of time to put the kids to work emptying the dishwasher before bedtime. Now, you can go to sleep knowing you’ve checked everything off your chore list!


    Chores don’t stand a chance against Maytag appliances! Their powerful features and simple design make your life easier, and let you get back to the important things faster. Come down to (store Name) to see what models we have in stock, and to learn more about how Maytag can help you check off your chore list.